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What exactly should a good guest directory contain and how can in-room tablet solutions as an alternative to the traditional guest file add real value?

We summarize for you which information an appealing guest directory should include and how it should be structured. Discover also how modern tablet solutions can become an effective tool for customer retention and can help increase the guests’ overall satisfaction.

From A to Z

Perhaps your guest had a long and exhausting journey, so that he might not remember all the information that he or she received upon arrival at the reception. The guest directory gives him the opportunity to read up on all relevant information that he might need. Be it the breakfast hours, the menu of the hotel’s own restaurant, or information about laundry and room services – all this information belongs into a well-written guest directory. You will find a comprehensive list here.

But there are also other areas where an A-Z register can be beneficial. Information about the area, leisure activities, or shopping opportunities as well as certain phone numbers could be presented in this form. A short and concise explanation of the technical equipment in the room and its functioning also belongs into every guest directory. Phone, TV, air conditioning, wifi – to name but a few. More complex devices like a remote control can also be explained with the aid of images or sketches. Complete information are highly important for a guest directory. Nonetheless, the pages of your guest directory should not be overloaded. Sufficient space between the different items and a legible font further facilitate the reading.

Leisure and surroundings

In addition to an A-Z register, flyers and brochures can complete a guest directory. They will allow the guest to learn valuable things about the region, its most important sights, or current events nearby. Information about public transport, schedules, or hiking trails can also be included. However, it is quality and not quantity that counts. Ask yourself which information your guests really need. Which customer group do they belong to: business travelers or vacationers? Single travelers or families? Make sure that your chosen information material matches your hotel and its public image.

An enjoyable reading experience

Hotel managers in Dubai have realized that with a few easy steps the guest directory can be utilized as a new tool in their customer retention efforts. In addition to the traditional information, they list supplementary and often free services, from the hotel shuttle to laundry services. High gloss business cards of the hotel or leisure facilities such as museums, shopping centers, restaurants, or beach clubs are also included. The guest directories often also surprise the guests with little gifts such as signature pens, perfume samples, fine chocolates, vouchers for different events, or a free drink at the hotel bar. Even guest directories in book form are very popular in Dubai.

Tablet solutions: an elegant alternative

Tablet solutions unite all the information named above on one single device. Hotel brochure, tourist information, room service and spa menus, phone, feedback form, and more are now only a few clicks away from each other. With a broad selection of newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and games, in-room tablets can provide premier guest entertainment. This way, SuitePad combines more than a dozen different functions and applications. Simultaneously, a digital guest directory can be updated any time and with very little effort. Thus, both the workload and the costs associated with updating the guest directory on a regular basis can be reduced significantly.


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Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen

Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen

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