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Do you want to create a guest service directory that's an interesting read for each and every guest, but don't know where to start?

A neat and imaginative guest service directory is a poster child for every hotel. It aims at providing the guest with an initial overview of the hotel, its offerings, and the surrounding area. A professional guest directory can be offered in either printed or digital formats. We have compiled the most important steps to consider when creating an entertaining guest directory that boosts both guest satisfaction and customer retention. In addition, we look at how integrated tablet solutions can make a guest file even more attractive, further increasing guest satisfaction.

1. First impressions count

Guests will only pick up the guest directory when it's visually appealing and invites you to browse through. Provided in a folder, the guest information should be categorized in a logical, systematical order. It's important not to overload it and include only the most relevant information. Both the content and design should reflect the hotel’s individual style and quality. Your corporate design should have continuity across the website, printed collateral such as hotel brochures, and the guest directory. Wear and tear, dog-eared pages,  or any grease spots means folders must be regularly changed and you must also make sure to keep your guest information up-to-date. No guest is happy to find outdated train schedules or the Christmas dinner menu in the summer!

2. Systematic or interactive

There are two different ways in which a guest directory can be structured. The hotel and its facilities can be presented in a systematic manner, broken down for hotel guests who seek to learn more about the hotel services offered but are pressed for time. It suits the needs of city, conference, and MICE hotels, where guests usually come for professional purposes and only stay for a short period of time. The alternative is an interactive guest directory that provides a virtual tour through the hotel and highlights the main services. It's just as informative as the systematic guest directory but is produced with a more laid-back tone, specifically for guests who have more time on their hands and can get comfortable in their room after checking in  should have fun reading it, and so it's up to the hotel to make it an enticing read!

3. Be visible

Every hotel has its own individual characteristics, history, and story that makes it stand apart from the rest – tell this story to your guests! By doing this, you'll be defining your hotel as unique, creating a closer connection with your guests. There are many ways in which this can be implemented. For instance, you could introduce your team with images and some personal information, highlighting the individual characters that run the hotel and helping your guests become acquainted with your hotel and those that work there. What makes your hotel special and different from others? What is its story? By sharing this with your guests, you'll be making your hotel relatable and memorable, defining it as different from all the other hotels out there!

4. Let your creative side run wild!

With a few creative ideas, modern hotels can present an image that's young, modern, and friendly through their guest directories. You may well decide forego the traditional leather file altogether! Light cardboard files in elegant grey or fresh colors have recently become an appealing trend. An artistic caption on the files can attract guests' attention and encourage them to explore its content. Guests who stay longer will especially benefit from suggestions made in the guest directory, including leisure or sightseeing activities, events, concerts, wine tastings, cooking classes, or wellness treatments.

5. Crating added valued with your guest directory

A well written guest directory can be just as great a marketing tool as a homepage or a brochure. With the introduction of in-room tablet PCs that integrate concierge information, hotel phones, newspapers, TV guides, and room service menus elegantly on one single device, guest directories can become even more attractive. The intuitive design and quality of the SuitePad solution turns it into an enjoyable, interactive reading experience for every guest. Guest can easily filter for information that's most relevant to them and even book services through the device. This way, hotels not only refinance their investment in the tablet computers but also generate additional financial revenue . At the same time, features like national and international newspapers, free browsing, games, and access to Facebook further increase the value for the guest, making their stay in your hotel memorable and increasing the likelihood that they will one day return or recommend you to others.

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Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen

Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen

Moritz is both the Founder and Managing Director of SuitePad. He is responsible for sales, marketing, HR and finance at SuitePad. Moritz enjoys travelling, and seeks out inspiration for new hotels where SuitePad can potentially be used.

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