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Insider tips, recipes and more  - these simple but creative ideas turn your guest directory into a fantastic reading experience for your guests:

  • Welcome your guests

A short personal welcome message in your guest directory will always be received favorably. This way hotels can ensure that their guests feel comfortable and at home right from the beginning.

  • Go without leather

Use light and colored folders instead of the traditional leather file. These can not only by varied according to different seasons and themes, but will also lend your hotel a younger and more dynamic image.

  • Surprise your guests

Add a signature pen, perfume samples for her, or a small selection of chocolates from local production or the hotel’s own confectioner. With such love for detail your guests will feel well taken care of right away.

  • Delight your guests with a recipe

Include a recipe of the month to cook at home with a greeting from your chef de cuisine. Whether asparagus soup, pumpkin quiche, or christmas biscuits – let your creativity take the lead. Be innovative. Design your guest directory in book form or as a photo folder. This way, your guests will surely take a few minutes to get to know your hotel and its services. At the same time, this personal note shows your guests that your hotel takes good care of them.

  • Share „Insider tips“

Reveal which cafés, events, or sights your guests should not miss out on and let dreams become true. Particularly convenient are lists with the “Top 5 Restaurants” or the “Top 10 places to see before you leave”.

  • Create a real eyecatcher

Digitalize your guest directory with SuitePad in order to create added value not only for your guests, but also for your hotel. In addition to premier entertainment, in-room tablet PCs give you the opportunity to get in touch with your guests while they are on the premises. In addition, you can offer and promote additional spa treatments, inform about current events, or ask your guests for feedback.

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Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen

Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen

Moritz is both the Founder and Managing Director of SuitePad. He is responsible for sales, marketing, HR and finance at SuitePad. Moritz enjoys travelling, and seeks out inspiration for new hotels where SuitePad can potentially be used.

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