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SuitePad Performance is introducing a performance-based pricing model that eliminates upfront costs, reflecting our confidence in our product, and aligning success with our customers.

In our decade-long journey of digitizing the guest experience and contributing to the change our industry needs, we have learned the importance of being perceptive when it comes to our hotel partners. We listen carefully to what our customers say and need so that we can make their digital transformation easier. This is why we crafted our hardware to align with the unique needs of our customers. This is also why we thought long and hard about showcasing our confidence in our solution and tried to find ways to make digitizing the guest experience a little more accessible. Ultimately, our belief in our product and enthusiasm to share its benefits has led to the birth of our newest pricing model: Performance

What is SuitePad PERFORMANCE?

SuitePad Performance is a new way of collaborating between SuitePad and hotels. Traditionally, hotels faced a hefty upfront cost when adopting a new hotel technology, especially if they had a significant number of rooms. Imagine a 200-room hotel investing in hardware for 169€ per room. The total cost would mount up to over 30.00€ just to get started with our platform. With SuitePad Performance, we turn this model on its head by providing the solution free of charge for hotels to begin their digital journey. The catch? There is no catch. Hotels only pay for SuitePad when the solution directly contributes to their financial gains, such as guests opting for additional services like skipping housekeeping with our Green Option feature or adding breakfast to their bills.

The result is a transformative approach that not only makes it easier for hoteliers to adopt SuitePad’s digital solution but also integrates the Return on Investment (ROI) directly into the collaboration, ensuring positive returns for customers from the get-go. 

What makes it unique?

What is unique about Performance is that no one in the industry actually does it. Unlike other providers in the industry, we offer our solutions on a performance basis. Even app providers and mobile websites have concerns when opting for that option despite requiring little to no initial investment. Our commitment to shoulder the upfront hardware fees for our customers shows our deep conviction in our product and, more importantly, a profound alignment with our customers. Our low-risk, high-reward model signifies that the success of the hotel and SuitePad are intertwined - a true partnership where success is mutual. If your hotel is successful, we are successful.

Why did we decide to shoulder the initial investment for our customers?

Many hoteliers went ahead and tried our platform and saw the benefits of it. Others were a bit more skeptical. They wanted to know if this solution would be used as often as we promised. We tried a lot with different case studies we provided to hotels in order to share how successful our solution could be. Then it became obvious that the best way of showing how confident we actually are about our product is to put our money where our mouth is. That’s really what the performance-based deal is all about, where our customer’s success is our success.

In recent months, our new business model has already shown its impact. Hotel chains, in particular, have been quick to embrace SuitePad's digital solution. The absence of an initial investment has made our integration process much faster, making it easier for hoteliers to start with our platform. The promise of a positive ROI from day one has become a compelling incentive, making SuitePad an integral part of the digital guest experience right from the start.

In essence, SuitePad Performance is not just a pricing model; it's a shift in how technology providers collaborate with hotels. By erasing initial barriers, sharing risks, and aligning success, SuitePad is not just a solution – it's a partner in the journey toward enhanced guest engagement while paving the way for more collaborative and successful partnerships. 

If you would like to learn more about our pricing models and get a tailored offer for your individual hotel and its specific needs, visit our pricing page.

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Published on 23 November 2023

Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen

Moritz v. Petersdorff-Campen

As co-founder and managing director, Moritz oversees sales, marketing, HR, and finance at SuitePad. He regularly features in webinars and writes opinion pieces for the blog sharing his comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry.

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