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This spring sees the launch of three new innovations. The SuitePad team has developed a new solution for hotel TV in the form of SuiteTV. Coupled with this, is the integration of the HotSOS hotel operations and Interel room management software.


SuiteTV – the hotel TV solutionApril sees the launch of SuiteTV - the hotel TV solution

In recent months, SuitePad has developed a new solution for hotel television: For the first time ever, SuiteTV transforms the hotel TV into a Smart TV, and the SuitePad into a remote control. Smart functions can be used without having to replace television sets, with hotel information being presented attractively on the large screen. Upon entering the room, guests receive a personal greeting on the screen, as well as personalised push notifications.

SuiteTV also combines intuitive SuitePad control with the entertainment of large-screen televisions. The SuitePad becomes a remote control, enabling guests to choose channels, films, series, mood videos and more – all directly from the tablet itself and play these on the TV. In doing so, SuiteTV makes it easier to use the television and select channels, while also giving hotel guests easy access to video on demand.

SuiteTV has been fitted in all 191 rooms of the Carathotel Düsseldorf City since March, ensuring Carathotel’s guests can now enjoy state-of-the-art guest entertainment.

Marc Fries, Vice President Change Management at AMH Hotels, on SuiteTV:

“For a long time, hotel TV solutions were a unique experience for guests – they were able to admire things they couldn’t (yet) have at home. This has fundamentally changed in recent years. Hotel guests now miss the technological standards they have in their own homes. There is no question that hotels will need new entertainment solutions in order to keep up with guests’ needs and the major technological revolutions. TV on demand, TVs merging with the Internet and all kinds of streaming, are just a few aspects guests will be expecting from hotels in the very near future. With SuiteTV, we’re on track to once again create an exclusive experience and wow our guests, and we at Carathotels feel well equipped to handle the future and further technological developments (whatever they may be) – and all this with above-average value for money on the market, assisted by SuitePad as a highly innovative partner.”

Integration with Interel room management

Many hotel guests are already using digital room management in their own homes. To ensure they don’t miss out on this comfort in their hotel room, the SuitePad digital guest directories can be combined with Interel room management. This gives the directories an added function and takes the hotel room one step closer to becoming a smart room.

The integrated Interel room-management solution means guests can do things like turn the lights off, or adjust the temperature from their bed at night. In the morning, they can turn on the light or air-conditioning without having to get up. The surroundings in the hotel room are effortlessly adapted to personal preferences via tablet at all times. These new technological options are changing hotel-room experiences, with the trend shifting towards the Internet of Things and smart rooms. The Internet of Things means that air-conditioning units, lamps, curtains and similar can all be connected to the in-room tablet via a room control. SuitePad is applying this technological trend through the new integrated Interel function, enabling guests to enjoy the comfort of being able to adjust the feel of their hotel room quickly and conveniently by tablet.

Integration with HotSOS

Many hotels work with HotSOS on a daily basis in order to optimise internal communication and organisation. So the new integration of SuitePad and HotSOS won’t just be providing hotel guests with comfort and convenient service; it will also ensure processes run seamlessly behind the scenes.

The integration with SuitePad is worthwhile for hotels organising their operations with HotSOS, as guest requirements are sent directly to the hotel’s own HotSOS system via tablet and tracked. Requests such as ordering additional towels or topping-up the mini bar thus go directly to the appropriate contact at the hotel. The hotel benefits from the seamless integration of both systems, while the guest enjoys a speedy service.

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