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This blog article highlights how SuitePad helped the Perianth Hotel in Greece reduce their in-room collateral. Find out more!

The Perianth Hotel in Athens is one of Greece’s premier city hotels. With a focus on sleek design, it provides guests with a great city hotel experience a stone’s throw away from some of Athens' most iconic sites. With views of the Acropolis, guests can experience a truly memorable stay in one of the world’s most famous cities. 

In-room collateral in the Perianth Hotel’s rooms

Image of the Athens Acropolis from the Peiranth Hotel bar.With Athens being such an iconic city, there’s plenty of activities for visitors to participate in. From city tours and amazing restaurants to guided tours of the Acropolis, the city has a lot to offer. Offering these types of experiences to guests is great for the Perianth Hotel to offer guests a great experience in the city.

But, there was a problem—with all the tours and experiences available in the city, the Perianth Hotel needed to leave large amounts of paper-based collateral in the hotel rooms to help guests decide which tours and experiences are best for them. In addition to this collateral, the hotel would also have in-house collateral such as restaurant and in-room dining menus in each room. All of this in-room collateral created a lot of in-room clutter—especially for a hotel that prides itself on being well-designed and sleek. 

In-room collateral takes up space, makes the hotel room seem messy, and needs to be updated and replaced when the information is out of date or the leaflets become torn, stained, or worn out. The Perianth Hotel needed a solution that enabled it to declutter the room and fit in with the hotel’s appearance as a sleek design hotel.

Installing SuitePad´s smart room tablets at the Perianth Hotel

Penthouse at the Perianth HotelThe Perianth Hotel wanted to find a way to reduce the in-room collateral and update all in-room information simultaneously without needing to go from room to room while meeting the hotel’s style. To achieve these aims, they turned to SuitePad’s hotel room tablet solution.

Once SuitePads were installed at the hotel, all collateral—including informational material, activities, and menus—would be housed on the devices. The SuitePads were placed in each hotel room, a move that connects guests more closely to the hotel.

As digital tablets have a large memory space, they are able to house more information than simple leaflets and infosheets. This means that the Perianth Hotel now can provide much more in-depth information on activity bookings, items on the menus, and general information than paper-based in-room collateral could ever allow.

But, the benefits of installing SuitePads in every hotel room don’t stop there. SuitePad’s remote updating capabilities mean hotel staff can update all SuitePads simultaneously without the need to go from room to room. This not only improves the guest experience as they will never have outdated information, but it also reduces the need for hotel staff to complete the tedious task of updating and replacing in-room collateral.

Freeing the rooms of paper-based collateral also reduces the impact that the hotel has on the environment. Constant printing and distributing paper collateral has a significant impact on the environment. By switching to SuitePad’s hotel room tablets, the Perianth Hotel has significantly reduced its impact on the environment while also upgrading the in-room experience for guests.

Athena Kaizer, a receptionist at the Perianth Hotel, said “SuitePad has enabled us to connect with the guests directly and offer them all the information they need to enjoy their stay in Athens”.

Odysseas Stulidis, a waiter in the Perianth restaurant, has also been impressed with SuitePad, stating that "SuitePad has made everyday tasks, such as ordering room service, much more simple for us and the guests and so much more efficient”.

The outlook for the Perianth Hotel

The Perianth Hotel has completely changed the in-room experience for its guests with SuitePad. They’ve also increased their sustainability and reduced their impact on the environment in the process, increasing their appeal to a wider range of guests.

The Perianth Hotel will now profit from all the benefits that come with a SuitePad installation, including increased revenue from in-house outlets and cost savings. Most importantly, guests will be much happier with their in-room experience and the modern touch that SuitePad provides.

- Published on October 15, 2021

Gregor Herz

Gregor Herz

Gregor was a content marketing manager at SuitePad between May 2019 and October 2021.

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