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grip-lines-verticalWhen design and digitalization seamlessly intertwine, hoteliers create a unique added value for guests and staff. A conversation with Hotel Montana in Lucerne, Switzerland, beautifully exemplifies this concept. 


The Art Deco Hotel Montana in Lucerne is Switzerland's leading four-star city hotel. However, it is "more than a hotel."Art Deco Hotel Montana View

  • It is a Mediterranean restaurant with a breathtaking view of Lake Lucerne.
  • It is a city-famous meeting place for lovers of jazz and blues.
  • It is a cozy cigar lounge with the largest rum selection in the country.
  • It is a summery beach club on a rooftop in Lucerne.
  • It is an interactive culinary club with experiential cuisine.

The list could go on forever. So instead, we would rather let Franziska Zurmühle, Head of Marketing & Sales at Montana, have her say. She tells us what sets her hotel apart, the additional benefits employees and guests enjoy through digital solutions, and specifically, how SuitePad's in-room tablets play a vital role in enhancing their experience.


Art Deco thrives on symmetrical shapes, geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and luxurious materials. It epitomizes the glamorous era of the Roaring Twenties. During this period, precisely in 1910, the Art Deco Hotel Montana was unveiled as a palatial hotel perched on the hill above the lakeside promenade. It is considered one of the last classic hotel buildings in Lucerne.
Art Deco Hotel Montana Hemingway Rum Lounge

Even over a century later, the sophisticated Art Deco style gracefully weaves itself throughout the entire hotel like a thread. "Interpreted in a modern way, it creates our unique ambiance," muses Franziska Zurmühle.

In 2022, the Art Deco Hotel Montana reaffirmed its commitment to exceptional design. In addition to the extensive renovation of the Deluxe rooms earlier in the year, the hotel received a fresh corporate design and a modernized website.

Inspired by these updates, the digital guest directory of the hotel was also given a glowing brand-new look over the summer.



Innovation is one of the core values of Montana. For over six years, the hotel has been using SuitePad's in-room tablets to replace the traditional paper-based guest directories in the rooms. “Digitalization is a significant focus throughout the entire establishment,” says Franziska Zurmühle. It gradually helps improve processes, alleviate staff workload, and provide guests with a unique experience.Art Deco Hotel Montana SuitePad Design

The management believes that gathering ideas and feedback from their employees is crucial when it comes to digital solutions. She also adds that, after all, they are the backbone, the soul of the hotel, shaping its distinct quality. Therefore, the end goal of all digital solutions must be to make the work of these employees easier.

This is precisely what SuitePad does. Since its implementation, the distribution of guest-related information and offers has completely transformed. "Instead of reprinting and distributing entire guest directories, we can make adjustments with just two clicks. It is a tremendous relief," reflects Zurmühle. With up-to-date and concise information readily available, guests are less likely to call the reception. The staff has more time to address complex issues or engage in personal interactions.


"SuitePad also provides genuine added value to our guests," Franziska Zurmühle continues. She sees in the statistics that the usage rate is consistently high, with room service being the most popular guest feature on the in-room tablets.
Art Deco Hotel Montana Room

A similar trend can be observed with pillow requests, for which Montana has dedicated its own ordering feature on the digital guest directory. "One might not call to order a different pillow, but being able to do it with just two clicks makes a difference," says Zurmühle.

Experience has shown that when hotels offer simple, digital solutions that guests can easily and willingly use without major obstacles (such as downloading an app), it ignites a noticeable impact on upselling effects within the interactive guest experience.



NeW Design, neW Features

To ensure that the signature design of the Art Deco Hotel Montana continues to flow seamlessly throughout all areas of the hotel, the in-room tablets have also undergone a comprehensive redesign. Additionally, new features have been added to enhance digital communication between guests and the hotel.
Art Deco Hotel Montana Beach Club

Now, guests have the option to request a late check-out via SuitePad. Moreso, they can even book their next stay while still enjoying their current one. Franziska Zurmühle personally finds the introduction of the "Green Option" most exciting.

With this feature, hotel guests can now choose to forgo daily room cleaning if desired. It is another step towards realizing Montana's vision of harmonizing guest well-being, employee well-being, and the well-being of our environment.

This ensures that the illustrious history of this Luzern establishment has a long and splendid future ahead.



 📸 Copyright: Art Deco Hotel Montana & SuitePad
Published on 17 May 2023

Susanne Krebs

Susanne Krebs

Susanne is in charge of all SuitePad's marketing activities. She regularly works with hotel customers to tell their digital success stories.

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