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grip-lines-verticalThis customer-centric blog post delves into the innovative ways that Kepler leverages SuitePad to provide guests with an authentically contemporary and enriching experience.


Kepler Club is an innovative idea that brings a hotel-quality staying experience to the international departure terminal at Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Recently, Kepler installed SuitePad tablet devices to their offering.

Robot at Kepler Club used to deliver items to guestsKepler Club is the future of airport stays

Kepler Club offers international travelers the opportunity to catch a few hours of sleep or relaxation in one of their resting units. Kepler is fully autonomous, enabling guests to check-in and order amenities such as toiletries, coffee, and extra pillows straight to their relaxation unit. What’s more, Kepler uses a robot to deliver these extras—you can’t get more modern than that!

In addition to offering a modern experience for international travelers, Kepler provides guests with air conditioning, a universal charging station, a foldable worktable, and a TV that includes Netflix, YouTube, Google, and Cable TV. For those guests that just want to get a few hours of well-needed rest, they offer a high-quality ergonomic mattress that guarantees a good night’s sleep. With all these features to make guests feel comfortable, Kepler is revolutionizing the airport experience for long-haul travelers and they hope to roll out their services to more airports around the world very soon.

SuitePad and Kepler Club

Kepler Club cabin with SuitePad deviceWhen Kepler Club first opened, it was clear that they needed a central interface where guests could order services and amenities from. For them, the SuitePad provided the perfect solution. After installing SuitePad, guests can now order amenities straight to their resting unit at the click of a button without the need to call a person for assistance. While Kepler’s resting units are easy to get in and out of, if guests were required to leave every time they needed something, it would certainly be very frustrating. With SuitePad as a centralized booking service, guests can simply order what they want—whether it be a toothbrush, extra pillow, or coffee—and the service robot will bring it right away.

In addition to being able to order amenities, the SuitePad enables guests to extend their stay which is a great feature if they find that their flight is delayed or they need more rest. Using the SuitePad device located in their resting unit, guests can also check the status of their flight. This is actually one of the most popular services used on the SuitePad at Kepler Club. Enabling people to view their flight status allows them to ensure they stick to their tight schedule—something that we all know is important when traveling through an international airport!

Ömer Alaettinoǧlu, CEO of Kepler Club, said: "SuitePad is an all-in-one solution that allows our guests to meet, convey, or request all their wishes through a single device. Our guests love to check their live flight information on the SuitePad located right next to their bed. SuitePad also provides our guests the ability to extend their stays if they would like to get some more rest, which positively affects our top-line. We are lucky to have such a strong partner with a wide array of capabilities!"

The outlook for Kepler Club and SuitePad

As Kepler Club looks to grow and expand its brand, SuitePad will be by its side as it does so. Modern technology is enabling companies like Kepler Club to offer innovative ways to enable people to de-stress and relax using innovative digital technology. SuitePad has made offering these services much easier for Kepler Club, and by doing so, they’ve bridged the gap between technology and service.

Next time you’re in an airport departure terminal, make sure you look out for Kepler Club. Their exciting resting units are due to take the world of international travel by storm!

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Published on September 22, 2021

Gregor Herz

Gregor Herz

Gregor was a content marketing manager at SuitePad between May 2019 and October 2021.

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