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SuitePad is excited to share to be named 2024’s number-one In-Room Tablet by Hotel Tech Report, for the fifth time now. Let's hear from the real judges: our customers! 

SuitePad has done it again! Five years ago, we won the HotelTechAwards ‘Best In-Room Tablets’ category, and we are still proud to be the best five years later. Some say it’s luck, but we disagree; it's a relentless commitment to being the best in the game. 

What is Hotel Tech Awards?

HotelTechAwards, often called the "Grammy's of Hotel Tech," is a platform by HotelTechReport. With over 50,000 verified hotelier reviews worldwide, they rank top software apps in categories like PMS, CRM, website builders, in-room tablets, and many more.

Companies in hotel tech compete for top spots based on factors like customer ratings, innovation, support quality, integration, expert recommendations, and verified success metrics. These awards stand out as they rely on data from real customers, making them the industry's only data-driven awards platform.

So, let’s hear from the real judges, our customers;

“SuitePad elevates convenience, providing multilingual support and reducing the need for physical interactions, enhancing both safety and efficiency. Its interactive features, from in-room dining to streaming services, not only modernize the guest experience but also contribute significantly to a hotel's reputation for sophistication and customer-centricity. The Green Option is also great!” – City Center Hotel, Portugal 

‘’The tablets not only look beautiful in the hotel rooms, they are also very practical to use, be it for the guest or for the hotel.’’ Luxury Hotel, Switzerland

“The Suitepad tablet is modern, handy, and easy to use. You can simply send a request or order via the menu, which can then be quickly processed by the hotel team. Furthermore, the tablet enables upsell opportunities and allows companies to generate more revenue. The tablet gives hotels many opportunities to optimize the guest experience and thus welcome more returning guests. It's a great tool, and the hotel staff really enjoy working with it.” – Boutique Hotel, Germany

‘’Their software is very easy to use not only by us but also for our guests. We saw an increase in our room service orders and the in house reviews were also very helpful.’’ Luxury Hotel, Greece

“The SuitePad Tablet is the optimal solution for us to provide our hotel guests with a visually very simple and modern solution for "in-room information", while at the same time minimizing the effort for updates for me as a hotelier hold. The visual appearance with tiles is very nice, and the growing possibilities for interactive tools between guests and the hotel are a plus. We cannot imagine going back to a paper solution in the future.” – Luxury Hotel, South Africa

‘’It was very easy to get set-up, the team at SuitePad had it all up and running in no time and it's very easy for guests to use. Very intuitive. The "bring your own" option is excellent, it gives the guest a link at any time before and during the stay to access the SuitePad content on their own devices - so no app to download - this is a genius function.’’ Bed & Breakfast & Inn, UK


Read all reviews here. 

With a 94% recommendation rate by 208 hotels, we are extremely proud to effectively help our customers digitize their guest experience. Dedicated to moving our industry forward, SuitePad has not only kept pace but has been setting the benchmark. 

So, here's to SuitePad - setting the bar and raising it, year after year.

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Published on 23 January 2024

Dilara Develi

Dilara Develi

As the Junior Marketing Manager, Dilara is responsible for content creation, manages SuitePad's social media channels, and coordinates marketing events.

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