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As technology becomes the driving force of the industry's transformation, SuitePad and Les Roches help shape the future of the hospitality industry in a world that has gone digital.  

The definition of progress in the hospitality industry today, or perhaps the whole world in general, is almost synonymous with ‘catching up.’ Catching up with technological advancements, catching up with industry trends, and catching up with the evolving standards of your guests. The pace at which change is happening is beyond anything we’ve witnessed in our thousands of years of existence. As progress flows at light’s speed in front of our eyes, we face the need to keep up with the latest technological advancements to stay relevant in this dynamic environment. 

Technological fluency is crucial for the future of the hospitality industry

For the hoteliers of our generation, technological fluency is not merely an advantage; it's a necessity. Navigating and harnessing technology can transform a good hotelier into an exceptional one. Les Roches, one of the world’s leading hospitality business schools, fully recognizes this advantage. While covering all the traditional aspects of the hotel industry and offering hands-on experience, Les Roches also diversifies its curriculum with the latest trends and knowledge in cutting-edge hotel technology.

‘’Embracing dynamic transformation, the future of hospitality is undeniably tech-savvy, driven by innovations that offer us control over services and various aspects of the guest experience. The rise of technology manifests through widespread options such as mobile check-ins, contactless payments, voice control, AI, and in-room tablets,’’ says Antonio Gomez, ​​Rooms Division Pathway and Rooms Division Practical Coordinator at Les Roches Marbella University. He also adds that customers accustomed to using such assisted tech will expect the same practicality from their guest experience. Which, as a consequence, makes technological fluency all the more crucial. 

SuitePad and Les Roches are collaborating to shape the future of hospitality in a digital world

A Les Roches staff holding a SuitePad tabletLes Roches’ collaboration with SuitePad truly shines the brightest in their shared vision: to equip the next generation of hoteliers with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a world that's gone digital. By incorporating SuitePad's in-room tablets into the curriculum, Les Roches aims to give students direct experience using technology to improve guest experiences and make operations smoother. From the time a guest arrives to the moment they leave, technology plays a constant role in shaping their journey. SuitePad's in-room tablets showcase this change, connecting traditional hospitality with the digital era. These tablets allow guests to personalize their stay, access services easily, and interact seamlessly with the hotel's environment. 

"We appreciate our collaboration with SuitePad at Les Roches because we believe that innovation and technological advancements are crucial for our students to showcase in the classroom,’’ says Julia Krebs, Rooms Divison Lecturer at Les Roches Marbella University.

‘’SuitePad generously sponsored tablets for our school, allowing students to log into the dashboard, explore content creation, and gain valuable insights into guest experiences, like revenue reports and service heat maps. This exposure is extremely crucial, and we're thankful for the opportunity. The feedback has been tremendously positive, and our students have thoroughly enjoyed the activities we prepared for them."

The collaboration between Les Roches and SuitePad highlights the importance of technology in shaping the future of hospitality education and industry practices. It reflects the need for adaptability and a forward-thinking approach to succeed in today's digital world.

About Les Roches

Established in 1954 in Switzerland, Les Roches has become a leader in hospitality management and business education. Expanding to Marbella in 1995, it earned accreditation from the New England Commission of Higher Education in 2006. In response to the challenges of 2020, the institution established SPARK, an innovation department showcasing its adaptability and forward-thinking approach. With an international student body of 2,512 individuals from over 100 nationalities, Les Roches provides a diverse learning environment. Focused on practical experience, innovation, and shaping future industry leaders, Les Roches showcases its commitment to our industry and its future with its diverse curriculum. 

If you would like to gain comprehensive knowledge on the future of hospitality, check out our webinar collaboration with Les Roches. 

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Published on 19 December 2023

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