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A world of smartphones is unthinkable without one company: Apple.

The company from Cupertino has, like no other, managed to become the brand for highly developed and excellently designed products. The Apple logo stands for quality and a modern brand promise. So when your hotel is equipping the rooms with Tablet PCs instead of a paper guest directory, a lot of 5 star hotels and houses with a high degree of style decide to use Apple products because of this reason.

At SuitePad we are offering a light version of Apple products, but we have a clear focus on Android devices. In this Blog we would like to explain why:

1.)   Android devices give guests the digital concierge with more features

Since Android is an “Open Source” product, we are having a significant higher number of possibilities to adapt the operating system of the device for our needs. Our installations are running in the so called “kiosk mode”, for example. That means in the foreground a version completely adapted to the hotel is running. With our solutions we can permanently update the backend to ensure that the guest always has an updated SuitePad available. Additionally Apps e.g. for newspapers, games, radio or local sights can be integrated and updated remotely without any problems. Furthermore we can send push messages and take them back if needed (for example when all available Spa-appointments are already booked).

All in all: With the “Kiosk mode” you will not see anything from the original operating system and the subsequent level down, which is customised to your hotel, the deeper we access to the operating system the more functional.

2.)   Better price performance ratio

Cheap Tablet PCs start with less than 100€. At the same time there are devices in a similar “high-end” segment like iPads. These devices stand out in most cases because of the better price performance ratio. The installed components are often better and a lot of devices are showing a special highlight like, for example, integrated projector for movies or videos. Using Apple you are paying extra for the brand as well as for the company own iOS operating system. As described above you will not see anything of that on the SuitePad. You are basically paying for something you cannot really use.

3.)   We have a strong focus

A clear focus on the Android platform enables us as a company to develop a truly amazing product. The most successful companies in the hotel industry are often the ones who are clearly positioning themselves in their market segment. No successful hotel would define their target group with “everyone”. Therefor the houses with a clearly defined target group are often having extremely passionate clients. Exactly that is the goal of SuitePad.

There will be clients who are praising Apple and the connected brand promise. We totally understand hotels that trust in Apple because of the prestige. Nevertheless we believe that Apple, even if it is the best product for private usage, cannot be the very best device for the hotel industry, because some decisive functionalities are missing for the guest and the hotelier.

In connection with the high prices you would receive a worse product for a higher price. This may still be the right decision for the hotel and its positioning for prestige reasons. Nevertheless we at SuitePad have the aim to provide the best product for a fair price. Consequently Android devices are the centre of our product.


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Til Volk

Til Volk

Til is Founder and Managing Director of SuitePad. He is responsible for product development, and is the contact person for onboarding and account management. Til is a keen climber and mountaineer, swapping Berlin’s flat surroundings for the steep slopes of the Alps, as often as he can.

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