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How can hoteliers affordably improve in-room entertainment at their hotel? Here at SuitePad, we have the solution.

Hotel rooms are places where guests should be able to relax and unwind in a way that suits them. There was a time when hotels would advertise that they have cable TV in the rooms, offering guests the chance to experience TV entertainment that they might not have access to at home.

Nowadays, cable TV is considered a relic from the past. Most people consume TV entertainment from their own online streaming accounts such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+. But, most hotels out there have failed to keep up with the changing developments of in-room entertainment. So, how can hotel businesses offer guests what they want (and expect) in the modern era without breaking the bank? Read on to find out!


Barriers for hotels installing smart TVs 

Most modern TVs are smart TVs. This means they can be connected to the internet so viewers can connect their streaming account to watch what they want when they want. This technology has completely changed the way we watch TV. Viewers no longer need to tune in to programs at a specific time as they can choose when to watch their favorite TV shows, shaping their TV viewing habits around their busy lives.

But what happens when they enter the hotel room? If the hotel hasn’t got a smart TV, it’s unlikely that guests will want to fit their schedule around what’s on TV—especially if they’re on vacation. Instead, the TV usually becomes a source of background noise and little else in most hotel rooms. 


The cost of hotel room TVs

To give guests what they want, hoteliers have been upgrading to smart TVs for their hotel rooms. This is a great idea, but it comes at a price. Good quality widescreen smart TVs can easily cost upwards of $1000 each. To purchase and install that in a 300 room hotel would cost at least $300,000! Even for the most successful hotel chains, that’s a big ask.

To put this into perspective, $300,000 could pay for a complete redecorating and partial refurbishment of a medium-sized hotel—a much more attractive prospect for many hotel owners than paying for the latest TV models that will soon be out of date.


Security issues with hotel room smart TVs

But, it’s not only the cost that makes installing smart TVs an unattractive prospect. There are significant security risks when it comes to installing smart TVs in hotel rooms. 

Smart TVs are not designed for the hotel room, they’re designed for the convenience of home viewing. This means they are set up to remember passwords, settings, and other sensitive data so users don’t need to repeatedly input this into the device every time they want to watch. At home, this is great. But in hotel rooms, this is problematic. 

If a guest logs in with their information so they can visit their personalized account on the smart TV but then forgets to log out when leaving, this sensitive information could potentially be accessed by the next guest who stays in that room. This security issue is a real sticking point for personalized hotel technology, and it’s no different when it comes to smart TVs in the hotel room. 


The secure and affordable solutions for personalized viewing—introducing SuiteCast

It may sound like the industry has a mountain to climb—currently, smart TVs are too expensive and too much of a security risk for most hotels out there. But there is a solution that offers you the best of both worlds: SuiteCast.

SuiteCast is the latest innovation in hotel entertainment from SuitePad. Using a modified Chromecast in hotel room TVs, this solution effectively turns any TV into a smart TV. It allows guests to use their own TV entertainment account and cast their favorite shows to the widescreen TV in their room via the modified Chromecast. For hotels, this is the most innovative entertainment solution that offers both security and affordability.

SuitePad designed the SuiteCast solution to tackle these two major blockers, allowing hotel businesses to offer modern hotel entertainment at an affordable price. Any business that installs this solution will benefit from a hugely improved hotel guest experience, putting them ahead of the competition. In the long-run, this will increase the number of returning guests, driving an increase in revenue for the hotel and trust in the hotel brand.

The complete hotel room technology solution

SuiteCast is only one of an array of solutions offered by SuitePad. The flagship product, the SuitePad in-room tablet, compliments the innovation of the SuiteCast solution by offering a digital guest directory and ordering solution. At a fraction of the price of a smart TV, you can install a complete digital suite of solutions in your hotel rooms, providing guests with the modern experience they’ve come to expect in everyday life—in the hotel room.


Find out more with a free SuiteCast Demo

If you want to offer modern hotel entertainment at your hotel, book yourself a free, no-obligation product demo for our SuiteCast solution. Our representative can explain exactly how the SuiteCast solution works, and demonstrate how you can change your hotel rooms to meet the technological demands of modern hotel guests.

Gregor Herz

Gregor Herz

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